10Let’s Talk Props: Sports

I’ll be honest, I don’t photograph a lot of sports kids. When I do, I take full advantage of it but even if your sport is a hobby and not school related, let’s photograph it. It’s a part of you.

You might think that duck calling is not a sport, but it is! But to have a senior who wore 3 different duck call whistles, and a tuxedo that was made by mom that was a camouflage tuxedo, this session is very memorable to me! 2013 Chaparral Senior James and his duck calling had to be added to this list…


What is fun about featuring a sport, is that it opens the doors to others to want to be featured as well with theirs. 2014 Chaparral Senior Kaelyn had seen another senior featured with lacrosse uniforms and equipment and she wanted to as well.

8Dirt Bike

Not all sports are school related, capturing the senior the best that I can with the hobbies, school activities they participate in makes their session unique about them. 2014 Legend Senior Garrett suited all up and did some spin outs for us with his dirt bike.


As I learn new techniques in photography, some sports will be photographed a little different in years to come. You don’t think snowboarding inside a studio has normal, but at the time… there was no snow for 2015 Chaparral Senior Jack to ski on!


I really do have this check-list of objects, sports, styles, dresses of seniors that I want to photograph and I can check of ‘golfing girl’ but I’m always open to doing it again, because I want to try something different. Not only did 2016 Legend Senior Taylor get a round of golf in, but we went to a field of sunflowers afterwards!


What you don’t see is the full sessions on my website. You see a sneak peek of the senior’s favorite photos of mine. This is my favorite (and only) niece 2016 Milton Senior Rebecca. We not only had her in the studio for some basketball shots but we went to the rec center for some basketball shots as well.

4Soap Box Derby

And then there is 2017 Legend Senior Allison. This girl… her session just rocked the roof. Pigs, state flags, cowboy hat and a Soap Box Derby Race Car! Yes! She did it all. She not only did all this but she was my assistant that summer and we had so much fun. Love this girl to the moon! So when you think… “will she photograph it? is it silly?” NO! It’s not! It’s the coolest thing ever and you make it even cooler than cool!

3Snowboarding II

Did I not say I will try it different the next time around? It was during spring break and we still had a little of snow left, but not cold enough that we couldn’t go outside for a few minutes for 2017 Legend Senior Seth to get some snowboard shots. We not only had the snowboard in the snow but a few instruments (no longer than 1 minute!).


Soccer great 2017 Legend Senior A.J. with his dashing good looks kicked a few soccer balls at me and missed… but we had fun!


When 2018 Chaparral Senior Kendall asked if we could do tennis shots, COULD I!? YES! And we picked a night that was not too hot and the courts lights had just come on that gave us great lighting. Add this to my list of “Let’s shoot this again”… I loved this!