I am playing a little catch-up with Seniors. Senior season is much like a roller-coaster… there is quiet times where I can get all caught up on everything around me and then on that spiral spin when you don’t know what is up and what is down, I am busy as all get out. I’m in that spiral spin right now! But I love it! And like most roller-coaster enthusiasts, I’ll ride the roller-coaster again!

Anna, who I am just dying over her cutest of cute shoes, came out on a cloudy evening. Those sessions can be crazy. We don’t know if we are out-running a storm or sitting out a storm – but the lighting is just magic. It really provides for some dramatic lighting of the seniors so if I’m not trying to hide them in shade, this is the time we want to be out in the open area. My other big task right now is finding locations that we won’t be too disturbed with other people. Keeping the senior and their family safe, myself safe and the others around us – I have found my more popular spots are busy with other photographers and their families / seniors / headshots that I have been using secluded locations for my senior sessions.

Anna – got all that. Storm chasing, seclusion, and magic. She’s the younger sister to 2018 Legend Senior Emma and my heart swoons that she is in the Legend Titan Marching Band. I know that this year is difficult for the seniors with COVID-19, and events such as band is not preforming now but I like to still photograph them with their instruments. Band, Sports, anything on hold right now has been a big part of their life for the past few years and I want to share that in images.

And you may notice one fun photo… I wanted to do something with ’21’ the Class of 2021… I asked Anna to hold up the numbers 2 and 1.. Well she did. To herself. It wasn’t till I was editing that I realized she held up 12. I couldn’t help but giggle and show her how we both missed that and yes, I could flip her photo and all would be good – but it’s ok to laugh at our mistakes and show that we are human and can get caught up in the moment.

Anna.. Class of ’12… I mean 2021!