Back from the holidays and another senior featured today is 2021 Legend Senior Dylan. His mom told me he likes to fly-fish. Add this to my senior wish list and cross it off that I photographed it! Dylan was so much fun with this session!! When we talked about what he did over the summer of 2020 with COVID19 in full swing, he said that he spent it on the back trails fishing in streams. Talk about your social distancing! I suggest when we photograph something that you love to do, come prepared. Bring all the gear. This isn’t the time to forget something like your fly-rod, or boots if this is something you want a part of your senior session… and Dylan brought his ‘A game. So much, that even we were in a small river stream and the goal was NOT to catch any fish, just ‘catch’ some great images… Dylan prepared his reel and during his session he caught 2 fish! Catch and release was followed so our fishes were a part of a session and let go – but it was so much fun to watch Dylan enjoy fly-fishing while we took photos.

The state of Montana is going to live this fly fisherman when he heads off to college!