Let’s Talk Creative Sessions…

This is something a little more refined for 2022… It takes a bit of time for a specialty session concept to form and Creative Sessions is it!

These Creative Sessions are done in studio that can consist of a montage of images for large print during ordering. We can focus on a school activity or non-school activity (band, sports, ballet, etc.) a headshot or couture set.

The Creative Session includes one 16×24 Metal, Canvas or Acrylic fine art print.
No digital files are available to purchase for this session. Final print products only!

8All On Point

2022 Ponderosa Senior Rachel brought her ballet game. White and black tutus, a box full of shoes and attitude. Though the shoes in the image isn’t hers, I have resources to digital backdrops that I can add a senior in and create magic. My favorite with this art piece is that I was able to adjust all the colors to go with her jacket. I didn’t want the traditional ballerina in a tutu, when she brought out the leather jacket, I knew that would put some color pop on her.

7Sports Montage

2020 Regis Jesuit Senior Alana is a cross country runner. This was something I had been trying to work on for awhile, when you bring the entire outfit, shoes included… we can create a masterpiece! This took maybe 20 minutes of photography, “Look left, look right, look cool…” you get the picture but it was the editing and printing this on a 18 x 24 print that made this so much fun!

6Good vs Evil

When I speak with the senior or the senior mom, I try to get an idea of what they want from their senior session. If I find out they are in band, sports, theater, music, ballet… I try to incorporate that into their session. When 2020 Legend Senior Luke asked for his studio session to be about lasers, I said “Bring the A’ Game!” Even down to the color of his shoes, we captured maybe 3-4 different poses with each outfit that when it came down to the final look, this is the “Poster” we created for Luke.

5Got Game?

Yep, I even use the same background a few times but can change it out and 2018 Legend Senior Aiden who loved to game sat on a stool, wasn’t expecting to surrounded by his Call of Duty friends hanging out on a tv. Hence – the Creative Session.


Some seniors will provide me with an idea that was done by a former sibling who went another photographer. Not only did we capture 2019 Legend Senior Jared, but he now has a similar wood art piece next to his older brother.

3The Loft

With a little creativity, it can be your own art work or your senior photos on display…

2The Dress

An all time favorite of mine – the Dress. I have dresses that you can wear… but there is always that 1 dress that you have been searching for. Hanging in your room. Ready to wear for that one night. Make that two – come over to the studio and we’ll capture you in your prom dress one more time in a creative atmosphere! Don’t forget to add some Hair & Makeup for this session!

1Sports Team Composite

This is from a few years ago but yes, even team composites is something that I can offer. I worked with a former cheer group in Parker and I have done this with the Legend Titan Band. Please contact me for special pricing on team composites. This makes great for a fund raiser!