Wrapping up another senior for the amazing 2021 year is Lutheran high school senior Kate! So excited to mention that she is the younger sister to 2015 Legend high school senior, Erin! I love siblings!! You may also notice between the sessions that some backgrounds are very familiar. Erin requested her senior session be photographed at her home and Kate request the home as well so I was excited to photograph Kate in a few of the same spots as I did a few years ago. Kate is also attending Lutheran High School, now added to my growing list of schools that I work with each year.

Setting her session apart from her sister, Kate loves to draw. She brought out her current work and we captured a few images with her pencils and paint brushes and then with a little creative on my end along with her creative work, I post-edited a photo to look like she drew herself onto canvas. A favorite between the two of us!

Creative Kate’s senior portraits: