We can all admit that 2020 was not the grandest year. It threw so much of our every day living into a tailspin, including senior portraits. I took them as they came and tried to be more than flexible with each senior status regarding senior pictures. Some schools were requiring images in August, some as late as December – it’s best to get them in the summer when everything is in bloom but again – flexibility is the key word. Grandview High School did not need senior images till November, and in late October when it starts to get chilly, the leaves are all gone – Marco’s mom got a hold of me. Marco had been dealing with some major health issues and was on the mends and didn’t really want senior pictures. I suggested that if we just get the yearbook photo in place, we’ll meet back up in the spring and finish up his session. He brought his 2 best friends that had been by his side during his illness, Maria was also a senior so we got her in for her senior image as well.
In the spring, the weather warmer, trees blooming and Marco and now girlfriend Maria came out to finish his session. What a difference of a few months! We had so much fun and listening to both their plans for the future as refreshing.

Marco – my favorite 3 words: You Got This.