I’m so excited to post another Prom with Susan B. Session. With the pandemic this past year, prom was cancelled for 2020 and for 2021 Seniors it almost didn’t happen for them either. The Douglas County schools decided that for 2021, proms for seniors would only be for seniors to keep the numbers down on attendance. When I heard that, I talked with my next door neighbor Abigail (2021 Legend Senior) and said let’s do a group session together.

The weather was not on our side but it provided a nice dark background but it became a race to get them all because we didn’t want make-up, suits, nice hair-dos and dresses to get rained on!

Mainly Legend Titan Band students – they arrived and they let me pose them, get some silly laughs and as the group arrived it go so big that sidewalks would not do, we had to move this entourage onto the street to wrap the fun session.

Thank you to all who showed up – it was fun and I know that this year has been one for the books for you, I hope that I added a little flare to your year.

2021 Prom with Susan B.