I’m so excited to share this session, because I can’t have a senior season without a band student in my line-up of seniors! I can’t! So I was extremely excited when 2022 Legend Senior Aaron brought his tuba with him and we snagged some great images with a guy and his tuba. What got me about his session – more specifically, the tuba was how at ease Aaron lifted this 20-30 lb instrument into ‘at-rest’ stance like it was a stuff toy! I have photographed other students with their tubas in the past, but Aaron really made his tuba look like it was a feather and threw it onto his shoulder like it was nothing.
But enough of band talk, his session was great, and we talked about where he had been on vacation for the summer, going back to school and his plans for college, ohhh and how the band was gearing up for the fall season.

2022 Legend Senior: Aaron