This is a combined post of 2021 Denver University graduates. The wonderful power of Facebook groups and an amazing client that referred me to these grads recently was very exciting. For mom’s who have students heading off to college, check to see if there is mom’s groups of these colleges! I never thought of that when my daughter went off to college but I was in a few mom’s groups when our son joined the military. No – not hovering. Just reaching out to other mother’s that have something of the same interest. These moms from around the U.S. had their son’s graduating from DU so on a Saturday in June I meet up with Harry and his roommates and photographed them after graduation and their families. A few days later I went back to DU and captured Eric’s graduation with some fun shots. Photographing a college student who just graduated is much different than a senior heading off to high school. The session is smaller in time, about 30 minutes. We go with buildings that represent the school as backdrops and a headshot will be captured (they are after all graduated and most likely looking for a job!)

Here are a few images from Harry’s and Eric’s session – full sessions can be seen on my proofing website.