Did you see that? I’ll wait a second. Ok – I’ll tell you. I photographed my first STEM High School Senior! Woooo! Anna was a referral from another former senior and I adored this amazing girl the moment we met! And I know what you are wondering, what is with the purple quilt at her session… she made this – herself! How. Cool. Is. That?!?! Her mom got her into quilting, and this was her finished piece and we all made sure that it was taken care with lots of love because I’m known to put my seniors in crazy areas of their session (water, mud, dirt, trees…) that we made sure that when we put this on the ground there was a tarp underneath to protect it. It is crazy gorgeous with deep rich purples and gradients of purple material that just made you want to snuggle up in and we did that with Anna!

I can’t say enough that bringing something to your session that you love doing (quilting, band, sports, ballet, cars) – it makes YOUR session more unique about YOU! Her session was fun, and she brought her smile, wavy curly hair that I have been trying to achieve for years and this gorgeous purple quilt.

Anna – and her quilt: