Each year I photograph about 20 seniors during a 3-4 month time. Each year out of those seniors I have a few amazing seniors stand out who just make my job so easy with a click of the button. This beautiful girl happens to be one of those seniors. I don’t know if was her grace from being in ballet for so many years, her smile that was real each time I click a frame or her genuine kind-hearted being – she made her session go so easy. She brought the clothes (on a rack that could be rolled around her session). The shoes, (a box full of ballet shoes that was at least 100 pairs) and most of she brought the attitude of having fun. I shouldn’t be all that surprised. She’s the younger sister to Emma – 2020 Ponderosa Senior who brought all those same things with her. I just never have photographed a ballet dancer before so this was a check off on my senior wish list of props to photograph and then she brought out her tap shoes, check and her trombone, check and the heels, check – check.

Loved her session – love Rachel, love her family.