My last session of 2021 was one for the books. Joanne, a very dear friend of mine and who I have been photographing her family since 2009, wanted family photos when both her children were in town. Matt (2012 Legend Senior) lives in Utah and Alex (2013 Legend Senior) lives across town, so getting everyone together nowadays, as most families do is not an easy task. Having their photographer in town is just a part of the equation.

Their family get-together was planned for Thanksgiving, and I happened to be out of town that weekend visiting my family, so luck (good or bad) would have it that Matt could not make it for Thanksgiving but the weekend after and I was back in town. I was excited to see Alex and Matt and catch up on their lives. What was going against us was that it was one of those really cold days in Colorado. We would be racing against time for incoming snow. In just the minutes we meet up and went to our location, the weather had dropped 10 degrees and the wind had picked up. Would have been nice if the opposite happened, but this is Colorado.

This was one of my quickest sessions due to the cold weather coming in, but we had fun. Having to tell 20 something-year-olds to act like it’s warm out like I tell my 10 years olds at a family session made me laugh. One photo, in particular, was more for me for marketing where they walk towards me. Everyone walking, laughing, looking at each other and smiling. I love this ‘action’ photo.

I then edited a few photos for Joanne to select for her holiday card so she could send those out and then edited the rest after the holidays. Joanne loved my walk photo so much, she selected that as her photo for her card. I love when my clients love the same thing I do!

Love this family – the Johnstons – 2021.