Let’s Talk Pets…

I love the family pet. I am a dog lover myself, but if there is a little (or big) critter that makes you smile when you come home from a bad day at school, they have been around since you were a toddler, you consider them your ‘besties’ – we need to add them to your session.

When it comes to dogs, I love having them at the session, they don’t respond quickly to me as they are in a new environment and there are things to be explored and smelled. I get it. I ask that a parent be at your session as your entire session won’t be with ‘Fido’ so they can watch them while we finish up your session. Depending on the size and behavior of your pet, I will strive to create a really fun image with your pet, something that everyone will say “awwwwwww”.

What about cats? I went looking through my sessions – I have photographed two of them. One was at the senior’s home, and the other was at the studio. Cats are a little more finicky but we can get them.

Need that ‘awww’ moment? The top image is of Maggie, Nala, and Dixie. Maggie was our family pet when my daughter Jennifer was in high school. In her senior year of college, she and her future husband Andrew came for Maggie – I. Was. Devastated. Nala would be their second dog in the family and Jennifer convinced dad to get Dixie for us a year later. When they visit us, or us to them – all the dogs play together. While the kids were home for the holidays, to give them a chance to play with their cameras in a studio environment we brought the dogs. It was pure chaos. All three of them checked out the studio, each other and not listening to a thing we said. But we caught a few favorite moments that describe each one perfectly. See the Pups of Susan B. Photography.


6All Wrapped Up

I’m not kidding. Getting a pet to follow your directions is not always possible so we make fun of what we can do and 2021 Legend Senior Jessica who brought Coco got tangled in her session. No, not really – but we had fun and Coco was checking out the new grass smells. Two years earlier, brother Ryan (2019 Legend Senior) brought Sunny and Max to his session. We all have a favorite pet.

5Rooting for the Home Team

I’ll try to keep my composure, but when 2018 Ponderosa Senior Kelsie brought her pup Otis and they suited up in the Bronco gear – I about lost it.
Seriously. How cute is this? All I can think is, how am I going to top this?

4Give Me Some Kisses

If they are small enough to hold, kisses are the best when they come from Lizzy for 2018 Legend Senior Sarah

3No Way! Way!

If you are a Wayne’s World buff – then meet Wayne and Garth. Yes. Pigs. 2017 Legend Senior Allison worked with the 4-H and she raised pigs. If I recall, I had just broken my ankle, was getting back on my feet, we go out to this farm and basically chased these two guys for photos. If dogs don’t do what you say, trust me – pigs really don’t listen to you when trying to get a photo. But we had fun and it’s something I’m proud to say – I have photographed a senior with her pigs.

2Girls Best Friend

My sessions with pets could not be complete without a horse. Pets are like a bucket list item for me, so when 2016 Legend Senior Sarah asked if I would be open to doing her senior session out with her horse Hot Rod – yes! Count me in!


Yep. And with family. These pets are just more than a pet, they are family. I have been photographing this amazing family for years and they just lost one of these beloved 4-legged family members recently but they have this in memories to look back on and remember them with fondness.