This is going to be such a fun post to share with you! Does this adorable family look familiar to you? They should… Jonathon, one of my first big classes to photograph is with Legend 2012. (Reunion time!) Jenny is from Legend 2015. Since 2013, I have been fortunate to photograph the family in different locations (2015), and when I wanted to try some new lighting and posing (generations). Jonathon and then newly engaged Isabella and when family visits.
So when Isabella became pregnant around the same time my daughter did, both ‘Nina’ (Mom Anita) and I ‘GiGi’ eagerly embraced the next phase of our lives and our children’s lives.
I was beyond the moon when Jonathon, Isabella, and the newest member of the family – Rowan came to visit Colorado. I was thrilled when they asked if I would come out on a brisk chilly Saturday morning to photograph this beautiful growing family. Plaid red and jeans were the theme, toys to keep the little one entertained, songs were sung, and watching five family members break down into the funniest of faces, character sounds, and making all kinds of noises to grab the attention of a little one to look at me for just a few seconds… click click. Got it.
Susan B. Photography has become full circle for me. Photographing them as a senior, then their engagement, and then the baby. Complete. And for most photographers, this is what happens. You trust that person who photographs the most important details of an event, you want them to photograph your wedding, your newborn, that child’s life, and next thing you know – the baby is graduating.

I’ll be seeing Rowan in 2040!