Today is your day! Happy Father’s day to the dads that I adore! I hope you are out doing something that you love, be watching a game, or relaxing with the family by watching a movie. We appreciate you! And I probably say it too much or not enough, but I appreciate the dads that come out to sessions with their seniors. It just means so much to me as I am able to get a photo of them with their senior. I know firsthand that once our senior graduates, getting everyone together for a photo moment becomes very rare. So I am excited to capture that moment…during a senior portrait session.

So my Dads of 2022 that I have been so fortunate to photograph this year are dads of first-time seniors, or who have older children that are married, or going to get married. My growing list of amazing families that I have photographed extends to first-time dads and if you thought I was crying at the senior session… I’m just a big ole mess when my former seniors become parents now. Can’t say thank you enough for letting me be a part of your life capturing these memories.

a special call-out – “Happy Father’s Day” to our son-in-law Andrew! His adorable son Forest was due September 2021 but made his entrance a little early in July! Andrew and mom Jennifer spent two months spending time with Forest in the NICU waiting for him to get bigger and healthy. Now, 11 months later, watching Forest respond to Andrew as a dad is so touching. Love you – GiGi

Here is to my 2021-2022 most amazing Dad’s that I have worked with, I love you all!

*Son-in-law Andrew with son Forest, born 2 months early.