Well hello, class of 2023! I have been waiting for you! We launch our senior season with Legend high school senior Emma. She picked a lovely location, the Hudson Gardens in Littleton. It’s a gorgeous place with ponds, bridges, fountains, rocks, and more. We picked an early date in June before the rush of the senior season starts. For most of Colorado, June is a quiet month for me. Not too many senior bookings, the weather is beautiful. What I call the calm before the storm of July and August that brings hot weather and some storms. But June this year was unlike any other June I have had before.

Emma was my first senior of the season. Even though I am photographing other things all year long, with the first senior, I have to get back into the groove of things. I need to make sure I have senior yearbook image poses within the session, and what I need to bring with me, like proper lenses. Little things. What we were not expecting was that the first senior day in June was 101°! You got it – 101°. But take a look at her gorgeous session… you would never know it was that hot out. She just looks amazing!

We talked about her college goals, and that she loves to play her violin. She is ready for the school year to start and excited to be a senior.

Her mom had noted that I do the Old School Classic Session a part of my creative sessions and a few weeks later, in my hot garage (my new studio for now) and it was getting ready to rain, we did the classic shot that I love to do so much. We then did a few other creative shots and you can see the final results at the bottom from her creative session.

I loved her session – this is what I love to do, photograph amazing seniors and Emma is right there – next to the word Amazing.