Ohhhh I have been waiting to share this session! I have a process in that images are not shown on my website or social media till the Senior (or Family) has reviewed their session. They have picked their favorite images for product ordering and this gives me the chance to share their favorite images (and a couple of my favorites) online. Autumn is a 2023 Chaparral high school senior, and I was excited to have another tennis player this year in my lineup of sessions. She picked a favorite location with the stunning views of the Rockies, and then a few days later we went to the tennis courts at night for some cool images with the net, tennis balls, and the works.

Autumn’s gorgeous smile and cute outfits made this session a great one to photograph. On the tennis court night, there was expected rain. But I told Autumn and her mom, we need only 20 minutes and we would be out of there before the rain hit. It was already sprinkling when we arrived and we debated it and we all agreed, a little rain won’t hurt and we got out on the court to get the cool shots. Side note: I would normally not do this if a parent was not present or would not agree to photograph in the rain. I’m edgy but I will protect my senior at all costs.

All aside – this was some of our favorite images. By the last image I took, the rain is starting to pick up and I told Autumn, with the crazy weather we had – her session will still be amazing, if not awesome for those last few images. When they came over to review – the “OHHHH!” on the rainy images was a hit. Not something I would do every time, but sure makes a unique memory for Autumn that she photographed some of her senior images in the rain!

2023 Chaparral Senior – Autumn. A rock star in the rain!