The thing I look forward to the most on Sundays is posting about a senior I have recently photographed. It’s their day to be spotlighted and bragged about and that cool hashtag #SeniorSunday or is it #SundaySenior? Either way, it’s their hashtag, their day and for 2023 Legend high school senior Emily, today is her day.

Her session was fun and probably one of my most memorable sessions. Pretty sure I was that crazy photographer who was non-stopped talking to her. But to me, it was definitely one of those sessions. We picked a location that has become a favorite to many photographers and we encountered about five other photographers out that day in this small area.

Not a problem, they need their photos, and I need mine, we’ll go to other places and photograph the lovely Emily waiting for them to wrap up in the area. At one point on a trail that I love to photograph at, I warned Emily not to lean on one area of the fence. It’s been wobbly for years and I was concerned for her safety. Of course – I barely lean on it to show her what to do and the fence falls apart and I go with it! Yep! I, the camera, and the fence go down.

Everything is fine, I get up and we keep going. Due to the crowds (and mosquitos), I asked Emily if we could go to one of my other favorite locations close by that is less crowded. By the time we get there, the sunset and perfect glow of the area made many of Emily’s pictures look like fall! The trees in some of the backgrounds were actually very full and green but the direct sun at sunset made them yellow and she has these beautiful fall colors for her senior portraits!

Her session was beautiful and she brought the family dog for a few photos who enjoyed being a part of her senior pictures.

The lovely Emily: