I will probably be talking about this session for years to come. Meet Emily, she’s a 2023 eDCSD Online High School senior and younger sister of 2019 Legend senior Ashley. She wanted something different from Ashley’s senior portraits, and different is what she got! Because she is an online high school senior, there is no requirement for a yearbook image, which gave us a bit more creative room for her session. I still get the ‘family photo’ that would normally be a yearbook image, but I didn’t feel I needed to push for the pose often during her session.

Her mom called me and said that older sister Ashley wanted to have some fun and be a slasher in the background of a few of Emily’s photos. I won’t lie… I panicked when she mentioned that. So many logistics for this to happen. How do we get Ashley there before the session without Emily knowing, how do I get her in the back of the photos without Emily knowing? How do I not laugh out loud when we take the photos and Emily still doesn’t know?!?!? Safe to say, they decided to ask Emily before the session and make sure she was ok with it. She was! And I can’t say enough if this was just the kickstarter to such a rocking session with Emily!

Emily had sent some other photos that other photographers have done that she liked for her senior photos. I am all about that, I love feedback from Seniors but I also like to put a little spin on it and make it their own so that it doesn’t look straight-out copied from someone else. I like to be inspired by others but I like to pose it just a little differently because I might not have access to the exact pose or prop that person did and would rather call it ‘your pose’ vs calling it someone else’s out of a book.

When I photographed older sister Ashley years ago, I was using some glitter with the sessions but it was not bio-degradable and I was having issues that I left this at locations so I stopped using it. Emily asked if she could use some glitter and as long as it was bio-degradable I was all for it, and she did. What has been exciting in a geek way is to see the confetti she used weeks later at other sessions slowly decomposing properly into the ground. Phew.

Emily brought balloons, the family pet (the entire family said the dog only responds to Emily), and her Taylor Swift albums! YES – ALBUMS. VINYL. She’s a ‘SWIFTIE’ (Did I get that right?) Who knew that albums were still a thing? Oh. And her camera. She’s a hobbyist with photography and I love to take photos of other enthusiastic photographers. So yeah – she really brought the A-Game to her senior portraits and I loved every part of it. Slasher (CHECK) Balloons (CHECK) Taylor Swift Albums (CHECK) gorgeous 2023 Senior (CHECK CHECK)

2023 eDCSD High School Senior – Emily. Rock Star