Only a few more Legend Seniors from the class of 2023 to share and Ava is one of those seniors. What I adore about Ava, she drums to her own beat. Her Mom told me she wasn’t really into the ‘senior portrait’ thing, and I won’t deny it, I get a few of those seniors each year, both guys and gals. They do the session for Mom, but if they could be at home playing video games or hanging out with friends at Fika, this is where Ava would rather be at. I normally will keep the session really short so that we can get what Mom wants, the high school yearbook, and sometimes – the senior will be unaware that it isn’t so bad, they are getting a say in their session and we end up with a full hour session.

But Ava did something I thought was a great idea, she brought a friend to her session. She brought 2023 Legend Senior Kylie, who I had just photographed weeks earlier, and referred Ava to me. Behind the scenes – Kylie made her laugh and relax during her session, which was great. Ava was smiling for me, but Kylie could really get her to smile and bust out laughing, moments I love to capture. Ava is active in soccer, so we capture a few great images in uniform, and of course, I am all about props that make you, YOU the senior and she brought her guitar and the family pets and I couldn’t miss the moment to photograph Ava and Kylie together.

Thank you Ava (& Kylie) your session rocked.