Hey Dad’s! Happy Father’s Day! I don’t get to photograph you very often, but when I do – you rock. You might be quiet, standing in the back and watching dad, the always with a dad’s joke that no matter how bad the joke is, it makes us laugh, or the loud, most rowdy person of the group dad — we love you because you are one of our biggest cheerleader’s in our life, minus the pom-poms. I can’t say it enough, I appreciate the dads that come out to sessions with their seniors. It just means so much to me as I am able to get a photo of them with their senior.
From my seniors to the families who have little ones I am excited to add each year the coolest of dads that I have been able to photograph, this year is no different — the greatest dads in the world, including two amazing grandfathers to the cutest little guy in the world. I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and much more!

Here is to my 2022-2023 most amazing Dad’s that I have worked with, I love you all!