It’s a weekend of posting about siblings and this family is going to have many mentions of siblings. I met Jillian years ago when I photographed her sisters Laurynn (’13 Legend) and Meghann (’15 Legend). When when I wanted to try a dramatic glamour style, Jillian was all in and was one of my first clients to let me try this type of portrait photography. We both share the Rockies photo often!

Over the years after her session, Jillian met a wonderful guy, married him, moved away, and now has two of the cutest littlest children. My luck would have it – they would move back to Colorado. When I offered Winter-Mini sessions this past year, she contacted me in seconds and said “I have been wanting you to photograph the family!” YES! I have been following these little tykes on mom’s social media and their grandmother ‘Nona’ as well. I’m well connected with this family. 😉

Winter sessions are so unpredictable in Colorado. I plan these mini-sessions months out so I can give everyone a chance to round the family up. Since I cater to seniors, many of my families have former seniors coming in from college, so I don’t know what to expect on the day of our session. But it being winter, I have done sessions in snow, ice, and in 20° weather – so these sessions are short. If you are cold, I am cold too! Because I am moving around a lot, I don’t wear bulky clothing, and since you are wearing something really nice, and probably not wearing parkas or snow suits, neither am I! We are all in for some great photos!

The weather was working with us the day we schedule their mini-session. It would have been nice to have a little snow, but we did have a chill in the air but the skies were pure blue. Jillian, her husband, and the M&Ms all came out in matching outfits, coordinating a very winter look with red and black. I loved their outfits! I loved Jillian’s stylish look that she put together for the family – they were all just so amazing. Without snow, the winter look was still on par!

The Spinelli Family – Winter Session 2023