Starting off the 2024 senior season, I started off with a senior from a school that is not on my list, Eagle Academy. Capturing so many amazing students from different schools is really humbling to me, and photographing Brielle for her senior portraits was as some would say, a walk in the park.

After almost three weeks of rain in Denver, we got a break in the skies, and Brielle, her mom, her dog Astro and I met up at a local park for her senior session. Astro – oh goodness, that dog was so funny! I have been around dogs most of my life and the younger they are the more hyper they are — not Astro. And for the love of all the pets I have photographed with their human, a new environment means new smells, new things to check out and not focusing on the person who is asking them to stay, sit, look at them — not Astro. For a six month year old, all he wanted to do was sleep. Brielle had to prop him up, just for him to lay down again and drift off. He was so cute. So when Brielle saw her session a few weeks later, images with Astro were the real winners.

Brielle also wanted to go to Daniel’s Park – a beautiful spot that showcases our Colorado Rocky Mountains and what better place to wrap up her session than with the views behind her?

Say hello to the new class of 2024 – Brielle and Astro, at Daniel’s Park.