I have quite a few seniors to feature over the next few weeks and the class of 2024 are just truly amazing seniors!

2024 Legend senior John is one of those amazing people! I have been photographing his family for a while now. John is the youngest and his story with me goes beyond his senior year. His sisters Emma (Class of 2018 Legend Senior) and Anna (Class of 2021 Legend Senior) have been in front of my lens, and now John. Let’s not forget the family session in 2018. It’s been a joy to watch this family grow.

John might have been a bit camera shy, but his sense of style shone through during his session. One standout piece was the Hawaiian shirt, a favorite of both his and mine. His unique choices added a personal touch to his senior portraits.

What you won’t see till Father’s Day next year… Dad was there and this summer has been the year of the dad’s on-scene at sessions. So I made sure we played it up with some cool shots of John and Dad. I mean – this is the baby. Once he’s gone, Mom and Dad are Empty Nesters! But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

John, 2024 Legend High School Senior