I couldn’t wait to share this session! Many seniors will ask “when will I be featured on the site?” I only post on the best day there is to be a senior – #SundaySenior”! With there being about 52 some Sundays a year, I have to wait a whole week, and right now I have so many other amazing seniors lined up – I agree with them, it feels like forever before they are shared online!


Wow. When she was inquiring about senior portraits, Kaylie and her mom wanted to meet me in person to make sure we were a good fit, that I could do the images she wanted to achieve and see some of the products before hand. I have no problem accommodating that request! Most seniors and parents will consult with me over the phone, but if I can meet you in person, I get a chance to learn about you before our session.

This is where I found out that Kaylie is on swim teams (plural) for MACS and Legend High School. She wanted to do some swim portraits and liked how her older brother in his senior year was photographed by another photographer and could I do the same thing? Using the swimming pool where she practices at, her brother had an image with the pool providing a cool reflecting look. I want to achieve this look and photograph her!

MACS Swimming Pool

We meet in the morning and spend an hour (or more) getting all kinds of different views with her in and out of the water and making sure we covered both teams in gear. It was so much fun! She is the type of person that always has a smile on her face. Even when I tried to get her to go serious, she would break into a smile. Those type of people are so much fun to work with. I couldn’t get any bad photos of her, she was always smiling.

We then we took a break, met back up later in the evening at a new location I was trying out and we wrapped up her senior session with flowers, wheat-fields and a running river, my favorite Cherry Creek – probably my 4th destination now on this river!

I love her session – crossing off ‘swimmer’ on my Senior list of cool things that they do. It is totally different from photographing Life Guards. I really need to get some water gear for my camera so that when I photograph a swimmer again, I am in the water with them!

Here is Kaylie’s Swim/Senior Session – So very cool.