If you have been following me for awhile, you might see a small trend going with the 2024 seniors – I photographed a lot of guys this summer. Not unusual, it’s how I started my business back in 2006. It would take almost three years before I photographed my first girl, so photographing the guys more often is very common with me. Photographing 2024 Legend senior Nathan was a walk in the park. Really. A walk in the park!

I have favorite locations that really fit the guys better and other locations that fit the girls properly. This park that Nathan did his session at offers so much variety from large pine trees, to grass fields and sidewalks. A little of everything. What surprised me this round, that in the large pine trees area, one of the trees had fallen down. It blocks my access for getting wide shots of a senior in the thick of the wooded area, but this tree having fallen now provided a new prop to lean on!

His session was great on a beautiful warm day – thanks for hanging out with Nathan!