M eet your High School Senior Portrait Photographer.

Positions held (most still in use): daughter, sister, wife, Mom, Aunt, air plane washer, web designer, photographer.


Located in Parker, I photograph mainly high school students in the Denver area in a studio and out on location in the metro area. I specialize in custom portraits for high school seniors, families and headshots.

About Me

I’m the mother of two amazing adults – a stunning daughter who is now married and a handsome son. The best of both worlds! Married to the most amazing husband of 30 years. I am prior military (US Navy), have a graphics design degree from the University of New Mexico and work full time as a web designer with 20+ years of graphic design experience.

I learned the basics of photography from my dad, who worked in the newspaper for 20 years and was a hobbyist photographer who learned the craft from his father, a professional photographer of nature and animals. I took photography in school, was on the photography/yearbook staff – graduated from high school and then pushed it all aside for a military career and family life.

I jumped back in photography with a ‘point and shoot’ camera and knew quickly that I wanted to take my photography to a whole other level that my Grandfather and Dad took theirs. Since I am a web-designer who likes to design her own Christmas cards, photography was a side piece of what I was wanting to create for a card for myself one year that turned into a full time business for clients who want specialized, personal Christmas cards and grew from there. I believe that I didn’t find photography. Photography found me.

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I don’t have ‘clients’ – I have friends that let me capture their memories and I become a part of the family. My extended family grows all the time. It’s huge.

The reunion is going to be fun!

Susan B.