Have a question you want to know about me? Let me know – I’ll keep updating the F.A.Q. when a question is asked.

How long have you been a photographer?
About 20 years, and I am a third-generation photographer in my family. My Grandfather – has taken pictures of the Queen of England, had his own dark room, and loved nature photography. I have images that he took of me that are double exposures (two images layered on top of each other) of myself beating myself up (I was not harmed in the sessions). My father took up photography later in his years but he worked in newsprint and owned an ad agency so his photography skills came more handy in product photography. My love for newsprint and graphic design goes back to working with him on the weekends at the Gallup Independent newspaper in NM.

What else have you done?
I have a very random resume. After high school (and there was a photography class there…) I considered college with journalism as my major. My parents worked at the local newspaper where I grew up so I knew I wanted to do something in the line of newspaper. I wound up serving in the U.S. Navy for eight years. In the service, I washed airplanes for a while – don’t laugh, it’s true! Then worked in the Safety and Operations Department and for the Commanding Officer on two aircraft carriers. I even used to walk out on the flight deck during flight operations.

I became a graphic designer, working in print for a few years, and was one of the first of about 10 people who knew how to develop websites when that whole crazy ‘internet‘ thing came about in the mid-1990s in Gallup, NM.

We eventually moved to Denver where I continued with my web design. After sending out pre-made Christmas cards to family & friends, I decided to make my cards with my pictures, because I was a designer for goodness sake and after that I was in demand by those family & friends I sent cards to – to do the same for them… hello Susan B. Photography.

What is your style of photography?
I like natural light and outdoor photography. Mother Nature isn’t always on my side, but for the most part, with Denver known to have 300 days of sunshine – I’m sure to photograph you promptly and I can say I have shot a wedding in the rain! I don’t have a studio at this time, I miss the controlled lights, sets, and fun indoors where that lets me get to work with lighting and other fun stuff!

Do you really enter my image into competitions?
Yep. I do. Not a photo with a model but of you. I select events that I feel I can do my best in with your favorite images. I don’t gain any monetary from entering (but I do spend money entering into some of them) – but from the placement of the image, I receive feedback in scoring on how well I did with the posing, lighting, editing, and connecting of your image. Oh and of course – lots of bragging about your image and being featured in print publications that relate to Susan B. Photography. Your model release allows me to submit to competitions and I will always let you know that before when I submit to (Senior or Portrait focused on Local or National Image Competitions). See the category of Image Competitions.

Do you have a favorite drink? Snack?
Ummmm hands down – Coca-Cola and Chips. Bring those to our next session and we’ll be best friends forever!