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Rushing, Urgency, Dash, Scramble and Scurry

When life has you running around in circles – changing your direction every few minutes, don’t forget the special people in your life. Stop. Take a breath. Take another breath, but bigger. Hug those close by. Listen to their stories. Appreciate them for all that they do. And even when you are not at your
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I Have Spirit! Do You?

A year ago during Homecoming week with the Legend High School, one of my good friend ‘band mom’ and I were discussing about what it was like when we were in high school. We wore ‘Homecoming Mums’ on the day of the game and with Legend High School still a brand new high school, we
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2007 Dallas, Texas

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas! Howdy! As I left off yesterday – I mentioned that I’m traveling this week and thought it would be nice to see pictures from previous trips that I have taken over the past few years while I’m out this week. Not realizing that some nights I’m out late I was
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The Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, Colorado

As most of you know – I work a full time job that is not related to photography. I am a web designer for a local business in Greenwood Village, Colorado during the day and a portrait photographer on my off hours. I have been working with this company since May of 2006 and it
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Happy Anniversary!

Happy 46 Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! Even though my Dad has been gone 15 years now… mom, my sister and I will be toasting their anniversary tonight.

Trying Something New

I’ve been waiting to post this story for some time. It’s a new feature that I’m adding to Susan B. Photography – and that’s ‘Personal’, where you – my friends, family, clients and potential new clients get to read a little about me and get to know me more as I get to know you.
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Thank you Dad!

Happy Father’s Day! Here is a another photo collage tribute of all my previous sessions with fathers, Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy! My Brother-in-law (who retires after 20 years in the service this year!) My husband of 20 years – loving, funny and best friend! My own father – who has been gone 15 years –
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A Tribute to All Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! Here is a photo collage tribute of all my previous sessions with mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy! My Own family! Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom! Your Life Photographer Susan B.

That’s a Wrap!

There is no joy like seeing a photograph and being taken back to a particular moment in time. – Unknown That’s it for 2010! Though my year is not officially over yet in sessions, I consider my year officially over on the 20th of December for the Holiday season where I try to get everything
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