“What do you do?”

Complimentary Consultation
I like to talk with the Senior and most times with the parent of the senior. I like to get an idea of where your session is going to go. You may already have seen some cool locations, poses, props from other resources and I want to hear them. This is your time and I want it to be memorable in a good way! Most schools prefer the outdoor portraits for the yearbook picture but I also offer indoor studio sessions as well. We will pre-plan out what you, the family and I want to achieve from your session, it’s not just about the Yearbook photo but about you, the Senior and all that you have done over these past few years. I can go over all this over the phone or meet in person, what works best for you! Need ideas? My Portfolio features every Senior that I have photographed over the past 8 years! I can suggest locations, but would love to hear what you have in mind!

A lot of people don’t know this but I still work a full time job as a web designer. My hours are limited, but this gives me the ability to work with a limited set of seniors each year and that in return gives you full focus from me. For the 2017 Senior season, I will book 2 sessions a week, evenings are preferred with the warm sunset that will give nice lighting to your session. It is best to get on my calendar now as I will take 1 session during the week and 1 on Saturday, in the evening, I will work with your schedule as much as possible so that we can make this happen! If it rains on your scheduled session, this is why I take a few days off during the week, I can quickly reschedule you into the next open spot. I have done this before, and only one student had to rebook 3 times due to rain, but I have been really lucky over the past few years. I start watching the weather days in advance and I will make the call up to a hour before the session if we can do it or not. You never know what will happen with Denver weather!

During the Session
You brought the cool clothes, fun props and we picked the perfect location! Mom, Dad, family and your best friend or favorite pet is very much invited and sometimes will be added into the pictures, I prefer a parent there, but if you feel that having Mom there will be too stressful, let’s talk. I get it. Mom’s can be stressful. I know! My kids tell me this everyday 🙂

Smile! Laugh! Magic! I love talking to Senior’s and hearing about where and what they want to do after school is finished, their activities they participated in, their favorite music, teachers they love (and loathe!), favorite movies and their outlook in life! I want your session to be a great experience and fun! Bring things that you love that says “THIS IS ME!” Instrument(s), Skis, Skate-board, your favorite book! Each session is custom, and this is what makes your session unique!

Depending on the type of session, I normally will take an hour to get the images, adding any studio session or extra locations to an outdoor session will require an extra day booking, we’ll discuss the schedule during your consultation. Don’t forget to read “What to Wear” and Your Session…Your Style!. I have access to make-up artists, the works!

The Ordering Appointment

I want to see your excitement when I share your images with you, I will schedule a follow up to view your images about 3 weeks after the session. This gives me time to download your images and work on the editing of your images. I like to show 20 “Best of the Best” images from your session (no blinkies!). These images will be fully polished so that we can order your photos on the spot.

During this time, for best pricing – you’ll be ordering your images. You will want to make decisions about what images you want to purchase and I’ll help you narrow down your very favorites as well as present examples of prints, canvas, metals, albums and graduation cards ideas of all sizes so that you can see your art each day. Your images deserve to be prominently displayed in your home instead of being forgotten about in a drawer on a CD, and I’ll help you make it happen!

Once you have picked your favorite images, they are off to the lab to be printed, I will write up an amazing article on my website that features just YOU, the Senior! I’ll mention your achievements, goals, plans and show the best of the best of you on the website so that you can share it with family and friends.

Each Senior will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, the website and other Senior websites such as Senior Ignite and Modern Senior!

Still have questions? Feel free to call 720-309-5070