Thursday, November 23, 2017

SAckerman-018webThank you Susan for making Sarah’s Senior photos such a fun and amazing experience!

Photos can be a bit nerve wracking for anyone but the way you put Sarah at ease and kept her energy up resulted in some truly beautiful shots. I will treasure these images as they mark an important time in her life. I am proud of the beautiful young woman my daughter has become and you did a fabulous job allowing her to shine.
~ Debra Ann (August 2015)

JennyB-020webI’ve never considered myself shy– not even camera shy. I’ve always been able to stand up in front of a photographer and flash a smile without any trouble. I suppose my situation was more “camera-uncomfortable”. I would smile through the group photo, yearbook photo, family portrait, wedding party photo, fill-in-the-blank photo, meanwhile silently criticizing my thighs, hair, clothing, makeup, acne, and (once again) fill in the blank. By the time the habitually disappointing photos came around, the poor quality simply reinforced my self-consciousness. It’s a vicious cycle that I imagine many people can identify with.

Susan B Photography proved to me that I deserve better. Ms. Baggett is not only an incredible person — with whom it is a pleasure to spend a photo-shoot with — she is amazingly talented. Her photos have helped me to find confidence in my outer appearance. Her demeanor and ability have made photo-shoots (and the photos that follow) into something I can look forward to, instead of dread. I trust her artistic judgment and talent completely. She has entirely changed my attitude toward portraits, and spoiled me rotten for all future photographers.
~ Jennifer S. Bell (August 2015)

JBell_04Susan Baggett is simply the best. She took the senior portraits for JennyB-026artwebboth of our children and we could not have been happier. With Susan, it is much more than simply getting good shots; she always seems to bring out the hidden spark inside them. Any mom will know what I’m talking about – it’s that little smile or smirk or silly face or serious glance that ends up in photos that make your heart recognize the child you see every single day. It’s not just your handsome son or your lovely daughter in a nice outfit smiling at the camera. Susan’s photos have heart and soul; she has a true gift when it comes to the senior pictures.

JennyB-054webSusan’s new option for the “season’s package” was so much fun for my daughter. Rather than having her senior photos mark one moment in time during 12th grade, she now has photos from throughout the year, including some amazing shots in the snow! At the risk of sounding like I’m on Susan’s payroll, it is totally worth the extra sitting fee to have the photos to illustrate the “arc” of the senior year journey.

Bell_Gen-015Susan also held a session with me and my mom and my daughter; our “three generations” shot. I have a grainy photo of myself as a baby with my mom along with her mother and grandmother… four generations. I treasure that photo so much, in spite of its poor quality. I was determined to have Susan take the generations photos of us before my daughter left for college and it was worth every second and worth every penny! She somehow captured the essence of each of us, even though my daughter is the only one who is naturally comfortable in front of the camera. My mom’s beauty shone through and I was shocked to see that some of mine did too. We all have flaws that we are conscious of and anxious about when it comes time for photos; Susan deftly found what’s beautiful in each of us and captured it. The resulting photos are priceless treasures for our family.

And finally, Susan is a lovely, sweet person who cares deeply about the people she photographs.

As I said before, she is simply the best!
~ Anita B. (July 2015)