Welcome to the Susan B. Photography 8th Edition Mother’s Day Special!

A little history: when I’m out on Senior sessions – I try my best to always get a Mom and Senior shot. It doesn’t always happen, but I do my best. This is one of the few last photos you’ll have of you two before they go onto their new adventures. I never warn mom when talking about the Senior session what happens at the end. If I did, I can tell you from experience, mom would be a wreck (admit it, just reading that made you nervous!) I know you all to well, you need to lose a few pounds, your hair needs a cut, you don’t look great right now, blah blah blah – I have heard it. I love you mom’s. I do – but guess what? Your child has seen you more at your worst then when you are at our senior session… trust me!
But this has been making me think about this year for my new incoming seniors. Should I warn you so that you look your best or should I offer a separate mini session of Mom and Senior? It’s something you can debate with me on Facebook… but then I look at these photos, where I have captured the REAL you, the BEST of you and how your child KNOWS you… of course I know to do waist up shots, and I ALWAYS touch them up a bit to make you look awesome-sauce and then I always make them in Black and White (classic!).

Here is to my 2017-2018 most beautiful Mom’s that I have worked with, I love you all!

Happy Mother’s Day –
Susan B.