One of my favorite projects this past year in both web design and photography was the rebranding of our company website. Most don’t know but I work a full time job as a Senior Web Designer with UI/UX focus. I have been in the graphic design world for over 20 years, mainly working on websites. Going on over 12 years now working for a buying group in the restaurant industry, in 2016 we were known as PRIDE Marketing & Procurement and it was decided that we needed to rebrand ourselves to PRIDE Centric Resources. This included a new logo, colors and eventually a brand new website. Management wanted us to be more personal, so I designed a page that our headshots would feature our team so that those who work with us on a daily basis know what we look like, putting a face to the voice.

That’s where I came in photography wise, not only the design of the website but headshots that would be placed online. We started off with 2 different types of headshots. Traditional black background but we also wanted a natural look and feel. No ties or jackets. Management agreed with me that the soft white background was more pleasing. This gave me the ability use natural sunlight at the studio I had each person stand in a door way and let natural sunlight bounce onto them and then I boosted the lighting in post-editing. Each person was then able to have a copy of their headshots for social media use.

And yes that’s me on the cover image. I had to have my photo taken as well for our company page. To see all the images visit the Susan B.

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