Let’s Talk Creative Sessions…

This is something a little more refined for 2022… It takes a bit of time for a specialty session concept to form and Creative Sessions is it!

These Creative Sessions are done in studio that can consist of a montage of images for large print during ordering. We can focus on a school activity or non-school activity (band, sports, ballet, etc.) a headshot or couture set.

The Creative Session includes one 16×24 Metal, Canvas or Acrylic fine art print.
No digital files are available to purchase for this session. Final print products only!

7Sports Montage

2020 Regis Jesuit Senior Alana is a cross country runner. This was something I had been trying to work on for awhile, when you bring the entire outfit, shoes included… we can create a masterpiece! This took maybe 20 minutes of photography, “Look left, look right, look cool…” you get the picture but it was the editing and printing this on a 18 x 24 print that made this so much fun!

6Good vs Evil

When I speak with the senior or the senior mom, I try to get an idea of what they want from their senior session. If I find out they are in band, sports, theater, music, ballet… I try to incorporate that into their session. When 2020 Legend Senior Luke asked for his studio session to be about lasers, I said “Bring the A’ Game!” Even down to the color of his shoes, we captured maybe 3-4 different poses with each outfit that when it came down to the final look, this is the “Poster” we created for Luke.

5Got Game?

Yep, I even use the same background a few times but can change it out and 2018 Legend Senior Aiden who loved to game sat on a stool, wasn’t expecting to surrounded by his Call of Duty friends hanging out on a tv. Hence – the Creative Session.


Some seniors will provide me with an idea that was done by a former sibling who went another photographer. Not only did we capture 2019 Legend Senior Jared, but he now has a similar wood art piece next to his older brother.

3The Loft

With a little creativity, it can be your own art work or your senior photos on display…

2The Dress

An all time favorite of mine – the Dress. I have dresses that you can wear… but there is always that 1 dress that you have been searching for. Hanging in your room. Ready to wear for that one night. Make that two – come over to the studio and we’ll capture you in your prom dress one more time in a creative atmosphere! Don’t forget to add some Hair & Makeup for this session!

1Sports Team Composite

This is from a few years ago but yes, even team composites is something that I can offer. I worked with a former cheer group in Parker and I have done this with the Legend Titan Band. Please contact me for special pricing on team composites. This makes great for a fund raiser!