If there is anything I have learned with my 2 kids going off to college and the military, is that if and when they are ever under the same house again, there will be family pictures! When Kim and I were discussing her family session, we had the day picked out and it turned out to be one of those days where rain was planned all day. I called her in the morning to see if we should reschedule or cancel and with a hesitant sigh, she explained that one of the kids had a flight back east that afternoon and one of the other kids (ha kids – they were all adults here) was going back to Japan with the military. The session would have to happen right now! Most everyone knows that I like to photograph on cloudy days, it makes nice for no squinty eyes in the sun, but we are talking just minutes from full on all day rain kind of day.

We all meet up – Kim, her husband, 3 amazing kids, their spouses and a lovely 2 month old granddaughter. For 30 minutes we laughed, smiled, made faces at each other (they did), told on each other (siblings), and Kim and I figured out the last time we saw each other – these 3 kids were really just kids in their teen years! The twins (yes twins) showed they still had the balancing act in one move down. We ohhhhed and awwwwed over the baby (I was a pre-grandmother at the time) and talked about how hard it is to bring 3 kids together when they are living in different parts of the U.S. and the world!

So with tears in Kim eyes and mine – we captured them all together for a few moments. The Schell Family: