While Susan B. is on a mini-vacation, I thought I would highlight the images I have submitted to recent competitions. When I realized I had not said anything since 2020… I had decided to enter some images with my local photography club and try landscape images from a trip to Moab, Utah in 2021 and a day I spent in a salvage yard but they didn’t do well.

2022 The Portrait Masters
Early this year, I submitted two images to The Portrait Masters. I pay to enter my images for this one. So not only am I watching a budget, but I’m picky because I want to make sure I select images that will score well. You can only score Gold, Silver, or Bronze or no merit at all.

I entered 2022 Ponderosa Senior Rachel and earned bronze. I have since learned how to do a different technique in editing, painting in Photoshop and I am reworking this image in the painting style and hope to enter the image into a different judging competition. The painting is a lot of work so it’s still taking time to complete.

The second image I submitted was an image of my mother, and it did not score well. It hurts more of the ego than anything and sometimes I want to yell “DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS!?” She’s my MOM! But I am learning what to submit so it was a lesson learned. Still, a little teed off… it’s my mom.

In the summer round of the competition, I entered a few older images.
Main Image: Another favorite that I have entered was 2020 Legend High School, Senior Josh. I have entered other poses of his into the competition, but this is a hands-down favorite of mine and I was thrilled to earn another bronze from his session. If I can earn awards with a couple of images from a particular session, it really is a big win for me. That dashing look over the shoulder…. swoon.

I wanted to see how one of my ‘old school classic‘ images would do, which 2018 Rock Canyon Senior Leah image earned a bronze. This setup is all studio and I was totally devastated to lose the studio that I was leasing from when COVID hit and decided to let this studio poses go off into the sunset. I had a few recent seniors see it or have a sibling who had this pose and ask for it to be brought back, which is a big compliment… it’s back in the lineup for 2023 Seniors. Leah’s photo is on my list for re-editing in the ‘painting’ style. Stay tuned.

I also entered another classic image I love dearly. 2015 Legend High School Senior Meghann. She is number four of a full sister-packed family and I have photographed all but one of the sisters and have entered their images into competitions. This is a very beautiful family that I love to photograph.