This week’s featured Legend high school senior is Taylor! Her mom purchased my senior session at the Legend Silent Auction event back in the spring, which I donate to support the marching band. I was thrilled to find out that Taylor is on the Legend tennis team. When discussing locations and props, I suggested she bring her tennis racquet and we should meet at the tennis courts at night with the big flood lights for some cool tennis shots. It gives a different look and feels to her session.

She picked a great location in the Littleton area for her session. It provides the South Platte river as a backdrop and then we move to another location that shows the beauty of our Rocky Mountains. It was a little stormy that day, and my sessions with the Class of 2023 so far have been either too hot (101°) or stormy. I have no in-between right now. So the mountains clearly had a purple hue to them but there were storms brewing during our time together. A few nights later, for about 20 minutes, we meet up at the Parker tennis courts and we captured a few tennis shoots. I like the evening, as for most courts – there is no shade. The night is much cooler, temperature wise and provides large flood light ‘lighting’. We need only a few minutes, this is not her entire session, but it provides a fun, different look for her senior portraits.

I’m excited to share her session – 2023 Legend Senior: Taylor