Starting the 2023 Senior season with a band student. Get out, again? Yes – and thanks to 2023 Legend Senior David, younger brother to 2022 Legend Aaron, I was excited when mom said he was in marching band and a few of the referrals she provided were also band students. It’s not that I don’t want to photograph other students in sports, or other areas, band is just my thing. At his outdoor session, with his mallets in hand, we talked about what he played and how he wanted to be photographed with his vibraphone (a different type of xylophone). With some planning for after the summer, I said if we could get into the theater, I would be totally open to getting some stage photos. It would be so different from other senior portraits, which I what I try to get each session for each senior.
In September with another 2023 Legend senior Miles (session soon), we were allowed access to the theater and grabbed some cool images of David and his vibraphone. Because David and Miles are good friends I got some photos of them together rocking it out (ok – a section from the marching band music) but a wicked cool moment.

David’s senior session: