In my last senior update, I noted that he was to be my last senior for the 2023 Senior season well – meet Benjamin, 2023 Legend Senior who would be my last senior to photograph for 2023. Just under the wire to get senior photos into the high school, Benjamin was a little busy. He participates in the Legend Titan Marching Band, track, triathlons and I am pretty sure I missed a few other things that he did because these seniors just amaze me with their school activities.

We talked about what we wanted to cover, and if you know this gal, I am all about the activities that you do and was excited to hear that Benjamin played the flute, but when it came to what he wanted to focus on for his senior portraits – his track and triathlons were the focus. Tracksuit, bike, and gear, we are madly dashing over a weekend and I can’t say how much I love his bike images. They were killer and ended up being his lead image for his graduation card!

I can’t say enough, if you have landed on this page and you think Benjamin’s session looks amazing (it does… it really does) when it comes to bringing props such as a bike, you have to bring all the gear, all the way down to the socks and shoes. If you don’t, sitting on a bike in dress shoes won’t pull it off correctly. I appreciate Benjamin and so many other seniors (and their moms) for bringing all the gear to make the image stand out and become a favorite. It might mean we have to spend a few more minutes waiting to lace up the shoes, get the gloves on, etc. but the image is so worth it. 100x worth it.

Benjamin – triathlon guy.