A little behind in updating senior sessions – but it is always #SeniorSunday when I update the SusanBaggett website. This week, 2023 Chaparral Senior – Caleb. He was one of my last seniors of the season, actually did a high five with him, letting him know that I love celebrating all sessions but the last senior is the sign that my season is over and we celebrate – I would end up photographing one more senior – but at this point with Caleb… celebration! What I adored about Caleb, mom said he wanted to bring his car. I can’t even tell you how much I am about the car. Your first set of wheels. Your responsibility. Your small leap into independence, not needing mom or dad for a ride. The car is a big deal. If you are like Caleb who worked summers and other odd jobs, buying your first car is even more rewarding in my book. It takes a lot of dedication and self-discipline not to spend that money when you are saving for the big thing. So I will, by all means, get the car into as many images as I can, because years from now, we all look back on that first car with very fond memories and I like to be a part of creating that. The car was such a big thing for me, that when it came to ordering graduation cards months later, I was excited that Caleb picked one of his images with his car as the leading image for his graduation announcements. I used a grunge font and because I am late in updating his session, you get a sneak peek of his graduation card that we designed for him. Wahoooo! Graduation!

So here is a few fun photos from Caleb – the car owner – 2023 Chaparral Senior: