Flashback! 2022 – Legend senior, the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, June and it was 101°… to 2023 – Legend senior, same location, same month, same family but not quite as hot. If anything, because of the three weeks of endless rain we received in early June, we had to reschedule 2024 Legend Senior Matt session due to the rain.

As I noted – family, he is the younger brother to 2023 Legend senior Emma. When I photograph siblings at the same location – I don’t try to duplicate exact poses, but I get a lot of the same spots, which still gives him a unique session, even if it is at the same location. Matt wore complimenting outfits to what sister Emma wore during her session, there was a lot of pre-planning and I love that.

Matt plays lacrosse and is looking at joining the Coast Guard after graduation (WOOOOO!). He brought his sunglasses, and instantly I wanted those to be a big part of his session. And his curls of hair – wow, lots of curls, so I liked them naturally falling over his eyes, but I had to make sure I got a few images of them pushed away to show his eyes. Mom so approved!

It was such a fun session – so here is Matt. With sunglasses.