Just a few seniors are left to feature for the Class of 2024. This week’s senior is not only a Legend Senior but a Legend Titan Marching Band Senior! Devon plays Clarinet and is the section leader of the clarinet group. I was able to talk with him on his level about the band. Such as upcoming events they would attend, did he feel the band was ready for the season, or if this year’s show was either more difficult or less than the previous shows and, what was his favorite show throughout his high school years. He told me about the additional uniform they wear with the regular uniform this year and the colors in the plumes (feathers in the hat) that are throughout the show. I try to attend an event with the bands of seniors I photograph to support them and see what they are describing to me during the session.

Devon – Legend High School

We talked about colleges that he’s interested in, and his interest in space engineering (I think I got that right). It amazes me what our next generation is interested in and what classes they are taking already to get them into the proper place for college. He said his summer was spent doing a lot of reading, getting ready for classes for his senior year.

Here is Devon’s session – cool kid on the block going places.