Oh my goodness! This session was so much fun! And though she did not bring her tennis gear, all I can say about the recent tennis seniors I have photographed in the past – they bring the coolest clothes to their session and 2024 Chaparral Senior Emma did just that! From a vintage lace dress to an eyelet top with jeans and a beautiful green tank top that complimented her sports tan. Just totally WOW!

Emma – Chaparral Senior

She didn’t bring her tennis racquet, but the one prop I loved was a Jane Austin – Emma book (written in 1816) that belonged to her grandmother. How fitting to have a book with your name on it! It’s those little details that I love to bring into a senior session that made Emma’s session unique for her. Bringing this slightly warn, aged book with her vintage lace dress just brought out a whole new senior session that I completely fell in love with. She was so much fun to work with.

Emma – vintage, unique, stylish – amazing.