This senior session was so awesome! I love photographing a senior who is so much in the zone of the area they like to be in, that they forget that the focus is their own senior session! With 2024 STEM School Highlands Ranch Senior Sean – that is exactly what happened!

Sean – STEM Highlands Ranch

Siblings! Can’t be excited enough to have another sibling photographed. Sean is the younger brother to Anna (2022 STEM School Senior). When talking to his mom to see what would be different for his session, she said he had a love for plants. We discussed the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, but I have seen other senior portraits done in garden nurseries. I suggested as an option the local nursery near us, Tagawa Gardens which I had just been to visit a few weeks earlier and thought would be an amazing place to photograph – and Sean’s mom said that he practically lives there. COOL!

Plant History 101

Sean was instantly showing me his favorite plants and would go in-depth with details on how they grow, and what makes them flourish with the right amount of light to be used and watering. I was awe-struck by his knowledge and told him he needed to apply to Tagawa! There would be moments when he would start talking about a particular plant (ferns being a favorite of his) and he would forget that I was there, and focus on the plant! I would forget what I was there, stop photographing, and just listen to him. It was so awesome!

We made our way around the house plants, into the flowers and really had some artistic fun with whatever came our way. It truly was a jungle getting lost in the rows of plants, shrubs, and trees. Thank you Tagawa for allowing us to have fun in the gardens!

Sean – the plant whisper – senior session