Dear High School Senior…


Guess what? It’s your turn! It’s finally here, you have worked hard to get to this point and it’s your time to shine. Let me help you!

I’ve been there, I can remember clearly how it felt to be the full focus for an hour and my photographer working with me on my photos. It was magical for me and to show back up and see my prints of the different poses… maybe, just maybe that was the little spark that wanted me to be a high school photographer, but it’s not about me now, its you!

I like working with Seniors, they are fun to talk to, interact with and for just a brief time, I try to get them to unwind and be them and I get to be me. Yep – to help you shake those nerves I will go all out crazy weird. You’ll be talking about me afterwards that I’m probably certified crazy but hey, aren’t we all?

My goal with your senior pictures is to capture a little of everything. To help mom get her “best of you” shot to hang on her wall, she likes to brag about you after all, even though she still hounds you to clean your room. I also need to get the yearbook standard photo within their guidelines and most of all – what you want to achieve from your session. If you participate in band, sports, academics or all of it, let’s get it now. Your life is going to change after graduation and these things will bring fond memories to you later on. I’m open to different styles, locations and yes, burrito’s. A senior asked for a burrito in his pictures and we did…he loves that photo. I have a wish list of certain cool photos to capture and you might have what I want to accomplish this year and I’ve been lucky so far – I have photographed Seniors in the rain, in the snow and when it’s hot, I mean really HOT. I have Seniors with horses, motorcycles, boyscouts with tents, girls with old cars, I don’t ever want to be the ‘norm’ and neither should you.

Let’s talk about what you want from your session. I want to help you look your best. I’ll remove stray hairs, unwanted acne and if your sibling photo-bombs us, yep we can remove them too, but they are still a part of your life so I might convince you to keep them in the photo. Need help with where to go? Denver Metro has some pretty cool spots and I’m always wanting to try something new so let me know your thoughts. I want us to be safe but I’m always looking for something fun and exciting. This is your turn to show everyone that you have arrived and I want to help achieve that special time for you. Corny I know but admit it… being the full focus, model or not – all about you, it’s got to feel cool right?

Check out my other Seniors I have photographed in the Senior Portfolio since 2008. I keep in touch with most of them after they have left for college or the military and some have already asked me to be their wedding photographer, but I tell them they need to get the boyfriend/girlfriend first and getting engaged second before booking me but to me that is a really big compliment that they trusted me to photograph their senior pictures and must love them that they are now asking me to photograph their 2nd biggest event in their life and that… is wicked cool.

Still interested in being photographed by me? Let’s talk – I want to hear your ideas!

Susan B.
Senior Photographer