What to Wear – Seniors

What to Wear Guide for Seniors

Your senior pictures define who you are! This is your opportunity to express your style and personality. Susan B Photography embraces the upbeat styles of teens today.

Listed below are some guidelines that will help you to put together a minimum of 4-6 outfits for your session.

Traditional yearbook portraits; if your school requires a traditional portrait please follow these guidelines for the best-looking image.

Guys; choose a solid-colored dress shirt, tie, sportscoat, or suit jacket. You do not need to wear dress slacks; they will not show in the portraits!

Girls; choose a solid-colored dress, sweater, turtleneck, or blouse. Colors to avoid are orange, red, hot pink, and white. Choosing a darker or neutral color with a simple neckline will work best.

Informal portraits; these sessions are held on-location to be determined by you and the photographer (me). Taking time to put together 4-6 outfits before your session will make things go smoothly and allow for more variety in your session. All clothing must be pressed and on hangers. If clothes are in a bag, they will not be worn as this adds more editing work for the photographer to make your portraits look their best.

Girls; don’t try a new hairstyle the day before your session!
We do not want you to look back later and wonder why you changed your hairstyle the day before your session! Accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, heels, and belts are wonderful compliments to outfits. Make sure to put coordinating accessories in a small Ziploc bag with the matching outfit to make them more accessible during your session.

AmandaD-046I love to combine dressy with an urban flare so bring your prom dress, gown, or something beautiful you would not think would go well with an urban session! Choose at least one pair of nice darker denim jeans as well as your favorite ripped jeans or shorts, a nice blouse or sweater, a cute jacket or spring dress, or your favorite top.

When putting together your outfits – try to make one of them something your mom loves even if you don’t! Everything else can be your style, your flare; just do not forget what your mom loves. If you love something like flip-flops or a polo shirt that is great!

Just try to bring a variety of other choices as well! A tank top underneath makes changes on location a breeze!

Make-up; when applying your makeup make sure to use a little more foundation than you would normally use. Make sure that this is a fresh application before your session. Bring your makeup case with powder and lip gloss for touch-ups.
When applying mascara be careful to avoid clumps. Fake eyelashes are a great way to make your eyes stand out in photographs as well.

If you do not normally wear makeup, please apply foundation, mascara, and lip gloss. This will make your portraits look beautiful! Retouching is included in your session fee so do not worry about blemishes. Lastly, relax and have fun! You are going to love your senior portraits!

Garrett-004artwebGuys; if you are going to get your hair trimmed have it done about a week before your session.
When choosing 4-6 outfits include your favorite jeans, letter jacket, or polo shirt. Layered looks work well for guys, coordinate a t-shirt with a long-sleeve button-up shirt or jacket.

Solid colors work best, try avoiding white and lots of busy prints or graphics. It is alright to bring a favorite logo t-shirt as long as you have a variety of other shirts to choose from.
Hats are great to bring as well, but remember to not wear them before your session to avoid a rim on your forehead.

Shoes; bring a few styles that you are comfortable in. Brand new white athletic shoes will stand out in your photographs so choose shoes that will compliment your outfits.

If you are involved in sports and would like to have photographs with your equipment go ahead and bring the gear! Make sure to bring your jerseys as well.

Your session fee includes minor retouching so do not worry about a few blemishes. A fresh shave before your session will make you look great!!

Lastly, relax and have fun! You are going to love your senior portraits!